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The University of Leicester is the home of experts. Experts who are helping to send the BepiColombo spacecraft through the solar system on its historic mission to Mercury. Experts who
Students on Master's courses at Birmingham City University share their story and experience studying for a postgraduate degree. Find out more about postgraduate study here
Biosciences academics outline the details of this stream and how it relates to the real world. Find out more here
Staff from the Departments of Chemistry and Pharmacy & Pharmacology talk about the multidisciplinary nature of the course and the skills students learn from the course. Find out more here
Professor Mike Tipping gives details on the origins of the course, the units covered and the careers the course is suitable for. He also compares this course with the MSc
Explore our Penryn Campus in Cornwall from the sky. Find out more about postgraduate study at the University of Exeter
Find out more about the PhD opportunities available at the University of Exeter.
Find out more about entry requirements for a postgraduate research degree with Dr Simon Clark. Find out more about PhD research at Exeter: